Music Data Science Day

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Presentations from event held on May 28th, 2012

“Data Science for Live Music” Phil Cowans

 ”Research at” Mark Levy

“Envisioning a Data Driven Music Industry” Jeremy Silver

“Music and Data: Adding Up the UK Music Industry”


Music Data Science Day

If you love Music and Data this is your day!

A half-day community event to learn more, network and discuss about music data science.

Data scientists, music startups and music experts get together to discuss new ideas about music industry, music labels and music startups

This event is about people using data science in music and sharing what they do. It is also about about sharing the opportunities and challenges that the music industry faces.

We will discuss how data scientists can improve the music experience, and how music data science can be leveraged to create music data products that can improve the music experience and the music industry


An event to share ideas, network and discuss music data science

*Free food&free beer :-)

*Top speakers from music startups

*A panel with music experts, data scientists, and music startups

*An audience with the music crowd: A Q&A session to gather ideas and input from everyone

*A series of breakout sessions with plenty of networking to share ideas with colleagues

*Free music goodies


Music Data Science Day hosted on May 28th 

1.00pm – DSL Welcome and networking around free beer & food  :)

1.45 – David Boyle, SVP Insight EMI Why we are here

2.00 – Chris Carey, Global Insight Manager EMI – How the music industry is changing and how data helps

2.25pm talks start

Jeremy Silver, Music Investor

Phil Cowan, Chief Architect SongKick

Gregory Mead & Jameel Syed, CEO & CTO Musicmetric

Mark Levy, Research Lead at

4.45pm Panel

  • Chris Carey, Global Insight Manager EMI
  • David Boyle, SVP Insight EMI
  • Mark Mulligan, Music Industry Blog
  • Neal Lathia, Data Scientist University of Cambridge
  • Simon Rogers, The Guardian Data Store

6pm Panel close. More networking, beer and DJ music.

8pm Event ends

We’ll be distributing several free music gifts to all the attendees.

After the panel session ends, will have networking time with free beers and DJ playing some cool music.




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